Routine eye exams can reveal treatable conditions like glaucoma (too-high pressure in your eye that can permanently damage your sight) and chronic or life-threatening conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, or even cancer.

Fortunately, you and your enrolled family members are eligible for free annual eye exams when you visit an EyeMed network provider. EyeMed administers our vision plan.

The plan also provides a one-time Lasik corrective eye surgery benefit for all covered individuals.

You and your enrolled family members age 19 and over are eligible for vision benefits once per calendar year. Enrolled children ages 18 and under are not subject to the eye exam frequency limit.

You can visit any vision care provider you’d like. However, when you visit an EyeMed network provider, you’ll receive greater benefits and discounts. Refer to the chart below for Plan highlights. See the SPD and Summaries of Material Modifications.


Vision Care ServicesIn-NetworkOut-of-Network (maximum benefits)
Routine eye exam (adults and children)Paid in full; no copay$50 for adults
No limit for children age 18 and under
Lenses Standard: paid in full; no copay
Standard progressive: $60 copay
Premium progressive: $60 copay; 20% discount on amount over $120
Single vision: $55
Bifocals: $90
Trifocals: $100
Lenticular: $140
One pair of eyeglass frames Up to $150 allowance; no copay; 20% discount on amount over $150$50
Contact lensesUp to $105 allowance for conventional and disposable lenses;
15% discount on the amount over $105 for conventional (not disposable) contact lenses

What you need to do

  • Use EyeMed network providers whenever you can.
  • Visit EyeMed or call 877-226-1115 to find a network provider.
  • When you make your appointment, identify yourself as a National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan member.
  • Present your Plan ID card at your appointment.

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