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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits and Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Mental Health Care and Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or your enrolled dependents need help with mental health care or substance abuse treatment, the Plan has excellent resources. It has contracted with Beacon Health Options to offer a large network of mental health care and substance abuse treatment providers. Beacon also offers access to clinical facilities including hospitals, outpatient facilities, residential settings, psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists.

You can see any provider, but you’ll pay less for care when you see network providers. These providers discount their fees. If you use non-network providers, you must pay your provider at the time of service and submit claims to Beacon Health. Plus, you may be balance billed. See the SPD and Summaries of Material Modifications.

Certain kinds of care require precertification. You must call KEPRO at 800-634-4832 for precertification before the plan will pay benefits for inpatient and outpatient mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Another important help line number to know: the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255

Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Stress. Depression. Juggling finances. Sometimes we could all use someone to talk to for help with life’s problems. That’s why the Plans enroll you in the Member Assistance Program (MAP) automatically, at no cost to you.

The MAP, administered by Beacon Health, offers up to eight confidential counseling sessions per issue each year for free. Plus, you have online access to articles and resources on a variety of mental health topics. If you need ongoing support, the MAP can refer you to the right resources.

The MAP also offers a free, 30-minute consultation with a professional to talk about legal/financial issues. Referrals to providers who offer their services at discounted rates may also be available.

What you need to do

Contact the Member Assistance Program: 800-331-4824 (24/7/365)

For help or a referral, call Beacon Health Options: 800-331-4824 (24/7/365).

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